Grouse Shooting


a grouse moor Invermark Estate enjoys a reputation second to few among Scottish moors. The Estate extends to 50,000 acres in total and, depending on conditions, has enough lines of butts to support 8 different days, shooting. Many of the Invermark drives are well known and rated as of the highest quality by grouse enthusiasts.

Shooting is let, by the week, to groups who are accommodated in the lap of luxury at Invermark Lodge. The shooting is normally for 8 guns, shooting double guns with loaders. Some walking is required to get to many of the lines of butts and the shooting is suitable for all age groups. Novice guns are welcomed and receive careful guidance from experienced loaders and quickly learning to enjoy “the King of Sports”.

We can also offer walked up days for grouse for up to 6 Guns and shooting over pointers or hawking can also be arranged.

All prices on application